We don't just talk about the homeless...

The Homeless

Thousands of families, single parents, victims of domestic violence, people with disabilities and others are homeless.
In London and the South East the situation is critical exacerbated by cuts in benefit, limited access to social housing, few new council/housing association properties and growing demand. Check out house painters in dublin.

The statistics do not tell the full story of the huge and growing problem of hidden homelessness.

House the Homeless was established to help tenants in social need find accommodation and make progress in their lives.


We do this by:

People in Social Need

People in social need are sometimes stereotyped as being anti-social. A single mother with a young baby is less likely to play loud, headbanging music than a house full of students; a pensioner on income support is unlikely to be the subject of an ASBO.

No one deserves to be homeless.

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